Breuer Chairs - B3

This is another one of the Breuer Chairs designed by Marcel Breuer, with the model number B3 in 1925-26. This chair was designed while Breuer was head of cabinetry at Bauhaus in Germany. It became known as Wassily not because it was designed for Wassily Kandinsky, but rather because Wassily had admired it once it was completed. The Wassily name came to be decades later when it was re-introduced by Italian company Gavina.

This Breuer chair was first manufactured by Thonet in late 1920, a German-Austrian furniture manufacturer. They was well known previously with bent wood chair designs. The initial model had both folding and not-folding chairs with straps made in fabric pulled with springs. This model is the most rare of them and they went our of production during World War II.

After the war, Gaving gained the license to Wassily chair and other Breuer Chairs sold by Standard-Mobel, Lengyel & Co., and created what is known today of Wassily chair with Black leather straps. However, they did still make ones with fabric straps. In 1968 Knoll company purchased the Gavina and this brought all of Breuer chairs into Knoll catalog.

Wassily chair is still available today. Although patent designs have expired, the trademark rights are still owned by Knoll of NYC. Today, there are numerous manufactures around the world marketing and manufacturing Breuer Chairs with different names than Wassily.

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